Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Statewide burning ban now in effect

The N.C. Division of Forest Resources has initiated a statewide ban on all open burning and canceled all burning permits effective at noon on August 21st. The ban on open burning will be in effect until further notice. The ban on open burning is necessary because of the dry weather conditions and an increase in fire activity statewide. Currently more than 100 firefighters are battling 130 wildfires in Robeson County alone. Yesterday there were 46 new wildfires affecting more than 370 acres across North Carolina.

By North Carolina law, the ban prohibits all open burning statewide, regardless of whether a permit was issued. Open burning includes burning leaves, branches and other plant material. In all cases, it is illegal to burn trash, lumber, tires, newspapers, plastics or other non-vegetative materials. The ban will be enforced by local law enforcement agents, county fire marshals and the N.C. Division of Forest Resources, an agency within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The open burning ban means that all burning is prohibited if it is 100 feet or more from an occupied dwelling. An occupied dwelling is a home or residence that someone lives in.

For more information, contact Chris Carlson at (919) 733-2162 ext. 262 or cell (919) 210-5013, or Brian Haines at cell (919) 218-9728. Residents can also contact a county ranger with the Division of Forest Resources or the local county fire marshal's office.

Taken from Asheville Citizen Times - 8-21-2007

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