Monday, August 20, 2007

North Carolina Drought Advisory

Until further notice, the North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council is strongly urges the implementation of drought response actions, for all Henderson and Haywood County water users located in or dependent on water resources from the areas of the state experiencing the following drought conditions. See map and key to see that Henderson and Haywood Counties are both listed as level D3.
  • (D3) Extreme drought conditions. (Red)
  • (D2) Severe drought conditions. (Tan)
  • (D1) Moderate drought conditions. (Peach)
  • (DO) Impending drought conditions. (Yellow)
Dealing with Extreme Drought (D3) conditions means we should be following these precautions until further notice:
  • All water users are advised to follow the water shortage response guidelines set forth by the Water Use during Drought Rules effective March 19, 2007. Water users without a written plan are advised to follow the applicable default water use reduction standards outlined in Section .0613 of the Rules during extreme drought designations.
  • Stay informed on drought conditions and advisories (
  • Participate in regional and local coordination for the management of water resources.
  • Reduce socially and economically important water uses to ensure the availability of water for critical needs (e.g. firefighting, health and safety, etc.).
  • Revisit and/or explore, if not already accomplished, alternative water sources and reuse options.

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