Friday, April 18, 2008

Boxwood Leaf Miners

Every year I receive several calls and receive samples of boxwood leafminers. I was just reminded this week as I was walking past my boxwoods that now would be a great time to spray to kill the adult flies. This should be timed as the new shoots begin to appear, which is now at my house. At other times during the year, you can treat with a soil drench or soil injection using a product that contains imidacloprid. For more information about boxwood leafminers, see the NCSU publication provided below or call your local Extension Agent.

Plant Clinic now open

Every year Haywood County Extension trains Master Gardener Volunteers to help answer your horticultural questions. Once trained, these volunteers staff the hotline in our plant clinic from 9am-noon daily, Monday-Friday. Please take advantage of this service by calling 456-3575 or feel free to stop by with your samples.

They're Back!

This past week I was making a field call and saw my first tent caterpillars of the season. At this point in the year, the nests are small and easy to remove from the trees. Although unsightly, this insect does very little damage to their host tree.
For more information, you can contact an Extension Master Gardener at 456-3575 or view my post entitled Eastern Tent Caterpillar.