Thursday, January 20, 2011

Henderson County Plant Sale

Henderson County 4-H is selling small fruit plants to support programs and awards for youth. All plants are bare root, and must be picked up at Henderson Farms, 705 Tracy Grove Rd., Flat Rock, on Monday, April 11, 12:00 – 4:00 pm. All plants prefer full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Instructions for planting and care will be provided with the plants. Click here for the order form. Orders will be accepted through March 15th, 2011.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Haywood County Master Gardener Plant Sale

Haywood Co Master Gardener Volunteer Association Plant Sale

To enhance your edible garden, reserve your plants for pick up in early to mid April. Everyone with a prepaid order will be notified when the plants are available for pick up at the Haywood County Cooperative Extension Office at 589 Raccoon Road in Waynesville.

New items for 2011 are the American Hazelnut, Shadbush Serviceberry, and American Elderberry. Available again this year are blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and asparagus.

For information call Erin Freeman at 456-3575.

To print an order form Click Here.

Gardening Like a Forest with Dave Jacke

Learn from Dave Jacke, author of Edible Forest Gardens, about designing forest gardens in a rare local appearance at Warren Wilson College.

Gardening like a Forest: Home-Scale Ecological Food Production.
Date: February 12 7-9PM
FREE evening lecture at Bryson Gym of Warren Wilson College.

Healthy forests maintain, fertilize, and renew themselves, naturally. Wouldn’t you like to grow an abundant food-producing ecosystem like this in your back yard? You can! Edible forest gardens mimic the structure and function of natural forests through all their stages of development and grow food, fuel, fiber, fodder, fertilizers, farmaceuticals, and fun. We can meet our own needs and regenerate healthy ecosystems at the same time!

Ecosystem Agriculture: Patterns, Principles, and Practices
Date: February 13 9-5PM
Workshop $90 early bird special (register before Jan. 22) $115 after Jan. 22 at Bryson Gym of Warren Wilson College.

Ecosystem agriculture attempts to mimic the structure and function of natural ecosystems in food-producing ecologies. This workshop explores the vision, theory, and design practices of ecosystem agriculture using the temperate deciduous forest as a model. Lectures and experiential exercises will reveal the nature of ecosystem architecture and social structure, as well as give you an embodied sense of how to design ecosystems composed of functional guilds and polycultures. The main themes of these experiences lead to a range of practical principles, practices, patterns, and processes for garden design and management.

This is an introductory workshop for gardeners, designers, and students of gardening, ecology, and design. Space is limited so REGISTER NOW online at this website.