Thursday, April 5, 2007

April Garden Reminders

  • Do not fertilize cool season grasses until September.
  • Mow cool season grasses to 2 ½ – 3 inches in height.
  • Allow clippings to stay on the lawn, they will add nutrients to the soil.


  • Do not remove foliage from spring bulbs until the leaves die down at least half way on their own.

  • Fertilize shrubbery beds and flowering perennials.

  • Apply a fresh layer of mulch no more than 3 inches deep.

  • If spring flowering shrubs need to be pruned, do so within a month after the flowers fade.


  • Plant cold tolerant crops such as cabbage, broccoli, greens, carrots, and onions.

  • Seeds for tomatoes and peppers can be planted inside now, do not put them in the ground until the second week of May.
  • Do not plant seeds of cucurbits, beans, or corn until the soil temperature is at least 65º.


  • The average last frost date for Henderson County is around April 25 and around May 15th in Haywood County, be weary of planting tender plant material until after these dates.

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