Thursday, April 5, 2007

How to protect your plants from low temperatures

The next few nights are being forcasted to have extremly cold temperatures below freezing. You may choose a few of the following ideas to help protect growing tender plants from frost injury.
  • Mulch the plants before you cover them.
  • Pile dry leaves, compost, or mulch around the plant to a height of around 2 to 3 feet.
  • Cover everything with a sheet, blanket or freeze cloth. Anchor the cloth to the ground with 2 x 4's or bricks. You do not want the wind to blow the ground heat from under your cover.
  • If you choose to use plastic, put it on the outside. Don't let plastic touch the leaves or you will get leaf burn everywhere the plastic touches the plant.
  • Remove the covering the next day if the temperature is expected to get up into the 50's.

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Tina Masciarelli said...

Hi Diane! Thanks for your very useful frost protection tips. Certainly the cold temperatures has been on the lips of every Haywood County resident this week. We did not realize that plastic pots could actually do damage IF they came in contact with the plant. After reading your blog, my husband ran out and removed all the plastic pots and replaced them with mounds of shredded leaves and mulch. We have a large number of green babies out there waiting for spring to return. Thanks again! Your blog was very helpful and informative.
Tina Masciarelli, Haywood County Master Gardener Volunteer