Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rain Garden Design - March 16th, 2011

RG 101: Residential Rain Garden Design for Homeowners (NEW!)

This is a new workshop developed just for homeowners, master gardeners and other non-professionals and does NOT include a certification.

Training Date/Location:
Asheville, NC - March 16, 2011

About the workshop: As homeowners and property managers become more aware of the issues of stormwater management many of them are choosing to manage the runoff from their homes and businesses with rain gardens. Rain gardens are shallow depressions and serve as landscape features that can effectively collect and treat stormater and reduce localized flooding. Rain gardens can be integrated into the existing landscape as a retrofit or be included in the initial landscaping plan. To effectively manage stormwater, rain gardens must be accurately sized and properly constructed. This 1-day workshop will present a method for sizing and designing rain gardens and detail proper construction techniques. Workshop participants will also be installing a rain garden. As a result of this training participants will:

* Understand why stormwater needs to be managed,
* Understand the principles of rain garden location, design, construction
and maintenance,
* Be able to select appropriate vegetation, and
* Design, build and plant a small rain garden.

These workshops are sponsored by NC State University Dept. of Biological & Agricultural Engineering and NC Cooperative Extension. For more information and to REGISTER ONLINE, please go to this website.

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