Friday, May 8, 2009

Azalea Lace Bugs are here!

Azalea lace bugs (Stephanitis pyrioides) are one of the most damaging nursery and landscape pests and the most damaging pest of evergreen azaleas. They overwinter as eggs in azalea leaves and begin hatching around the present time. Control is best targeted early in the season when nymphs are present for two reasons. First, nymphs are easier to kill than adults and if you kill nymphs before they mature and lay eggs you have a better chance of clearing up the infestation. Second, the longer azalea lace bugs are on your plant the more damage they do. On evergreen azaleas this damage sticks around for a long time so plants may be permanently damaged. So scout your azaleas and get those lace bugs cleared up before damage occurs. For more information and control options, consult Ornamentals and Turf Insect Note ENT/ort-39.

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