Thursday, July 17, 2008

Attack of Green June Beetles

Green June beetle adults often emerge in large numbers following a period of rainy weather that softens the soil. Henderson County residents are already reporting them. They buzz around the yard and may seem menacing, but they are completely harmless to humans. Green June beetles are most common in older lawns and pastures with high organic content soils or which have been fertilized with manure. The adult June beetle is an attractive green and gold-colored beetle, which feeds as a minor chafer on the foliage and fruit of trees in mid summer.

Sevin insecticide can be used to protect foliage and fruit, also, if needed. Ornamentals and Turf Insect Note No. 67 provides information on controlling green June beetle grubs, which is rarely necessary for the homeowner.

The amazing behavior of grubs crawling above ground on their backs is also characteristic of this insect. Click here for a link to a movie clip of this behavior on the University of Arkansas website.

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