Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spiders Indoors

Heavy rains may force some ground nesting spiders to "high ground", which may bring them onto the foundation and siding as well as indoors. Debris that remains on the ground for an extended time may attract insects and other small arthropods that are suitable prey for spiders. You may also run into spider webs strung across gaps in vegetation. Although many spiders can bite, the majority of them are harmless and their venom has little, if any, effect on people (unless a person is hypersensitive). Black widow spiders are found in many areas of North Carolina, but actual encounters with people are relatively rare. Recluse spiders have been found in *some* areas of the state but they are an extreme rarity. Mechanical control (vacuuming corners and under/behind furniture, swatting the spider with a rolled-up magazine or newspaper, etc.) should be more than adequate for the random spider that shows up indoors.Applying pesticides indoors for spiders probably isn't necessary, but if it is your preference then you can use any common household insecticide, concentrating your efforts on baseboards, corners and under furniture where where spiders often hide. Some suggested pesticides can be found in the NC Agricultural Chemicals Manual . You can reduce the likelihood of an accidental spider bite by wearing gloves whenever handling debris or articles that have been undisturbed for some time either indoors and outdoors. Click here for more information on spiders.

For more informstion on spiders take a look at the following website: www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/ent/notes/Urban/spiders.htm

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